Acorns is the fastest growing micro-investing app in the country and one of the first companies to even allow consumers to earn micro income on a large scale. With over 8,000,000 investors, many investing as little as a dollar per day by rounding up their change, Acorns buys fractional shares and pays micro dividends to all its customers on a quarterly basis. In addition, the company has partnered with over 50 brands from Nike to Chevron that will pay consumers that interact with that brand. For example, every time you buy gas at Chevron you receive 25 cents into your Acorns investment account.

Quick Summary: Acorns is a leading investment application offering passive investing for the younger generation of investors. The Acorns app enables people to round off the change from every debit card purchase and sweep it into a diversified investment account. Acorns also was one of the first companies to champion the concept of “Found Money” where customers micro-earn rewards for shopping at brand partner stores or websites. Acorns enables their users invest a small amount of money frequently over a long period of time to build wealth.

How It Works: Users sign up for the app and first link their bank account and debit cards, creating a data channel between Acorns and the user’s bank. Every time a user makes a purchase, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the change is swept into a diversified investment account. Users also earn investment rewards for spending money with brand partners like Exxon Mobile. Users help pick their investments and can cash out to their bank account whenever funds are needed.

Star Rating:

Year Founded: 2012

Methods To Earn: Round up the change to invest, cashback rewards, partner rewards

Difficulty To Earn: Very simple, nothing needed after set up

Reward Type: Cash and investment rewards

Unique Features: Round up the change feature, as well as exclusive reward partnerships with top brands

Cost: $1-$5 per month (different tiers)

Platform(s): iOS, Android, Web

Explore More Apps!® is a new app that lets you earn money and monetize the personal data you generate in the app. It has proprietary data monetization tools that gives everyone a way to passively earn a micro-income, with additional rewards for engaging with brands. You build your data profile by answering simple questions and will match you up with earning opportunities they think you will enjoy.

Companies will PAY for your attention and, with, you can EARN for engaging with their brands. You are always in control of who you talk to. Save and earn more with®.

Learn and Earn was created by the founders and engineers of Acorns with the goal of helping students learn the skills and earn the money needed for success. It was created in partnership with Junior Achievement, one of the most reputable academic charities in the country. Students earn small amounts of cash for completing interesting and educational courses on the app. Once rewards are earned, students will invest that money in the stock market! Users can select up to 10 individual stocks to customize their portfolio with 50% allocation remaining in a safe and diversified fund. Learn and Earn helps kids stay engaged with educational topics while earning a micro-income to invest for their futures!

Blast is an app that pays gamers to test and play new games, or go deeper in games they love. There are no surveys or small jobs to complete, but each time a gamer tries one of the game “missions” in the app they typically receive a dollar. For example, Blast users can try the game Words with Friends, where the mission is “Increase your vocabulary by playing 100 words and earn a dollar.” Gamers can easily earn a few dollars a week and they also receive XP (Experience Points) that puts the gamer in the running to win a leaderboard that might pay $100. For people who spend a lot of time playing games, Blast is a fun way to track your accomplishments and save money over the long term.

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